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JJDA is one of the best studios in New Jersey!!!!  They breed professional, versatile, kind, and extraordinary dancers!  I love this place so much and highly recommend it.


I have nothing but great things to say about this school. The teachers and assistants are wonderful; very caring and helpful with my 3 & 5 year old girls. They're teaching them discipline and instilling a love of dance at such a young age. The recitals are always so entertaining, organized and fun. We love JJDA!!!


JJDA is such a family oriented dance group.  No matter how much they grow, you are still family.  Jill is one of the most relaxed business owners I have ever met and you can always talk with her.  Her staff members are just as friendly.


The instructors are great.  The place is clean.  I absolutely love this place.  You definitely get your money's worth here.  JJDA means business.


My daughter only attended this year and unfortunately it will be her last since we are moving out of state:-( The school is incredible. She got more out of 1 year here than the other schools in the area she attended for 3 years.  The teachers know their craft and teach it well. If you want quality dance training from teachers that have passion, vigor and commitment..this is your school.


If you're looking for a dance studio and more.... this is the place to go. My daughter has been dancing here since she was 3. I drive past a dozen other studios to bring her to JJDA. Not only is she taught how to dance, but the life lessons she learns here: team work, commitment, respect for herself and others, dedication (I could go on) are lessons that she will take with her throughout her life. It takes a village, and I'm so glad to be a party of this.


My daughter has been a student at JJDA for 3 years and I cannot put into words how incredible the studio has been for her!! The staff at JJDA are not just teachers, but incredible role models for our young children. They take the time to get to know your child on a personal level which makes JJDA a Family! I am so impressed by the talent at JJDA and my daughter and I are extremely fortunate to be a part of a Phenomenal Dance Studio!!!


Love JJDA! There is a big difference in the level of teaching as well as the sense of community they create here. My daughter enjoys her classes and teacher and looks forward to going each week!


I believe my daughter started dancing at JJDA in 2008, so my experience goes back 10 years!! I can not think of a better environment for her to have spent so much time in these past 10 years. As she prepares for her college applications and life ahead I can not overstate the impact that Jill and team have had on her life and her future. She has learned how to be a leader, a teammate, a friend. She has learned how to win and how to get back when life doesn't give you what you thought it was going to. Oh, and she has totally learned how to dance! I'd give JJDA 5 Million Stars if I could!!


JJDA has changed my life. I have been dancing here since i was 6, and I have become a completely different dancer! JJDA has an amazing and loving vibe, and we are a big family :)


I love JJDA soooooooo much!!!! Can't imagine life with out the love and support I get from the people there.


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