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About Us - A Unique Dance Experience


Thank you for your interest in The Jill Justin Dance Alliance! I founded JJDA in 2007 for dancers looking for an exceptional studio providing top quality instruction to all students. At JJDA, our dancers receive individualized attention to allow for maximum growth and achievement. Our program is designed to enhance technique and stage performance, while our professional faculty monitors the progress and growth of each dancer in our studio. Whether your child takes one class per week, or multiple classes per week, they receive the same quality teaching from the same top faculty members. We consider our studio a family and every student is important at JJDA!

Large viewing windows for parent observation

Our waiting room with large viewing windows for parent observation

Tabitha & Napoleon teaching at JJDA

Tabitha & Napoleon teaching at JJDA, posing with staff member Ms. Stephanie

At The Jill Justin Dance Alliance, your child will perform current, cutting-edge and entertaining choreography. Dancers in our Company have won multiple national championships and our Recitals are the highlight of the year! We are proud to produce shows that are fun for the entire family. We provide an atmosphere of support and encouragement in the studio and we train our dancers to welcome new students and cheer on their fellow performers.
Our youngest dancers - ages 2.5 and older - who start their training at JJDA, will have a fun and rewarding experience that enables them to advance and excel in the art of dance as they grow up. Proper training is necessary for even the youngest dancers. As a parent, you will enjoy our large viewing windows, small class sizes and entertaining recitals. Every dancer receives the attention he or she deserves at JJDA!
I look forward to meeting you and helping your dancer begin his or her dance journey!
All the Best,
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