When and Where is the Recital?

The JJDA Annual Recital is held in June.  Please see our recital info page for the exact dates and times.

What Recital Show is My Child In?

Most JJDA dancers only participate in one recital show.  Each class is assigned a show prior to Fall Registration.  Please log into your JJDA account and view your schedule.  The show is listed next to the name of each class.  You may also contact the front desk for help.

What Time Do I Need To Be At The Recital?

Dancers should arrive one hour before show time so we can check them in and get everyone settled.  The auditorium will open a half hour before show time for audience members.

When and Where is Dress Rehearsal?

Dress Rehearsal is held at the theater so the dancers can become accustomed to the stage before the big performance.  Dress rehearsals are held during the week at 5:30pm.  Days will be announced as soon as we have them from the theater and will be included on our Important Dates list.  The studio is closed on dress rehearsal days.

What Happens At the Recital?

On the day of the recital, dancers will arrive one hour before the show starts and head to the cafeteria, where they will be seated with their friends from class and their class moms.  Dancers will be able to watch the show on the cafeteria TVs until it is their turn to head backstage to perform.  Parents may bring activities and non-messy, nut-free snacks for their dancers to keep them occupied.  At the end of the show, all the dancers will perform together in the grand finale.  The class moms will escort the dancers to and from the stage for their performances.  Please send one member of your party to sign your dancer out after the show.  Parents are welcome in the cafeteria during the show to check on their dancers.  You are also welcome to give the class mom your phone number so she can text you if your child needs to use the bathroom or would like a visit from mom or dad.  Dancers must stay with their class for the duration of the show.

All audience members over the age of 2 require a ticket to attend the recital.  Tickets will go on sale via the JJDA website in mid-May and will also be available at the door.  Seating is assigned.  Families may choose their seats when purchasing tickets.

How Can I Sign Up To Be A Class Mom?

In May there will be a Class Mom sign up sheet on the board at the studio.  Class moms stay with the class in the cafeteria during the show and escort them to and from the stage.  Class moms may watch the dance from backstage and do not need a ticket to attend the show.  They also receive a credit of $60 toward their June tuition as a thank you for volunteering!

What Happens At Dress Rehearsal?

Dancers will perform on stage in costume at dress rehearsal.  This gives them the opportunity to become accustomed to the stage and to make sure there are no costume glitches before the big day.  When they arrive, dancers will be seated in the center orchestra section of the theater with the rest of their class.  Any parents and siblings attending may sit in the side orchestra sections.  


There is limited seating available so each family will receive only ONE dress rehearsal ticket.  Additional tickets may be purchased for $10.  All guests attending, including siblings not participating in the show, must have a ticket to enter.

Dancers will complete their Finale performance first and then the show will run in order.  After they complete their recital dance, the class mom will bring the dancers to the photo room to have their group portrait taken.  Parents can meet their dancers at the photo room, which is across from the backstage entrance.  Dancers are welcome to stay to watch the show or they may leave after their performance.  (Dancers do not need their Finale t-shirts for Dress Rehearsal.)

Where Should My Child Change Costumes?

Girls and Boys dressing rooms are available behind the stage.  There are also bathrooms in the backstage hallway and the cafeteria.  Parents are welcome backstage to help their child change.

When Do Costumes Arrive?

Costume payments are due Nov 1st and costumes are ordered before winter break.  They arrive in Spring and will be tried on in class in March or April depending on the shipping date.  Costumes are non-refundable but may be exchanged for size if available from the costume company.

How Should My Dancer Wear Her Hair and What Shoes and Tights Does My Dancer Need?

Near the front desk you will find a pink binder with pictures of the costume for each class.  The bottom of the page will list the hairstyle, tights and shoes for each class.  We will also send out a spreadsheet with this information via email as the recital date gets closer.

What Is The Finale and What Does My Child Wear For It?

The Finale is one big dance at the end of the show, in which all dancers participate.  It is a fun way to celebrate the end of a successful show and a successful year!  Dancers should wear their recital t-shirt over their costumes.  The recital t-shirts are customized for each year and include the names of the entire cast on the back.

Can My Dancer Sit In The Audience During The Show?

Dancers must stay in the cafeteria with their group and their class mom during the show.  This insures that everyone is safe and accounted for.  Parents are welcome to visit their children during the show and are also welcome to volunteer as a class parent and receive a $60 credit toward their June tuition.

How Do I Purchase Recital Tickets?

Tickets will go on sale via the JJDA website in mid-May.  You will receive an email and a mailing home with more information.  The link to purchase tickets will be found on the recital information page, when available.  All the seats provide a great view of the stage.  However, if you have a particular seating preference, we recommend you log on to the ticket sale site at the time that tickets first go on sale.

Tickets will also be available at the door on the day of the show.

How Do I Pick Up My Recital Tickets?

Recital tickets can be picked up at the studio in early June.  Please pick up your tickets BEFORE dress rehearsal, so you have your dress rehearsal ticket to enter.  All tuition and fees, including June tuition, must be paid in full before picking up your tickets so we can close out your account for the year.

When Are Recital Pictures Taken?

In May, individual and sibling recital portraits will be taken at the studio.  These are optional and a sign up sheet will be posted in the waiting room.  Portraits are taken by PM studios.  You can select a package and make a payment via cash, check or credit card at the time of the portrait.  Your child's portraits can be picked up at the recital by visiting the PM Studios table.

Group pictures will be taken at dress rehearsal and will be available for purchase at the recital.

Are There Classes The Week Of Recital?

There are no classes on Dress Rehearsal days or the Friday night before the recital.  The studio is open all other days that week.

Can I Video My Child's Performance?

There is no photography or videotaping allowed in the theater on the day of the recital.  The show will be professionally recorded and DVDs will be available for purchase.  You are welcome to video during dress rehearsal.

When Does My Child Wear The Recital T-Shirt?

Each year our dancers wear custom recital t-shirts that list the entire cast on the back for the Finale performance.  We recommend putting your name in your child's shirt so that it does not get mixed up with anyone else's.  Shirts can be purchased using the Additional Items Order Form included with your recital packet.

Will There Be Flowers Available At The Venue?

The JJDA Company, which travels the region competing and performing, offers Flowers and Trophies for sale at the recital.  This is a fundraiser to help these dancers with the cost of competitions and costumes.  Dancers love leaving the recital with a trophy and bouquet and the JJDA Company Dancers greatly appreciate your support!

Trophies and flowers can be ordered in advance using the form in your recital packet.  They can be picked up at the recital at the tables near the front entrance so you have them to present to your dancer after the show.

What Are The Auditorium Rules?

No photography, videotaping, eating, drinking, or smoking is allowed in the auditorium.  All strollers must be parked in the lobby.  When they are not onstage, dancers must remain in the waiting area with their class moms and may not be seated in the auditorium. 

Students must respect other students’ space and property in the dressing rooms. We are required to leave the dressing rooms in spotless condition, so please do your best to keep them organized and clean. No food or drinks are allowed in the dressing rooms.  Please do not bring any valuable toys, games or electronics into the venue as they may be lost or damaged.

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